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The March to End Fossil Fuels is a broad-based collaboration among New York grassroots organizations; Black, People of Color, Indigenous and frontline communities living next to oil and gas facilities and infrastructure; youth, elders, workers, people of faith, and people of all backgrounds impacted by fossil fuels and climate disasters across the U.S.; and national and international climate and justice advocacy, local and Indigenous organizations and coalitions who are united in our commitment to a rapid and just phase out of fossil fuels. 


We are already living with the severe impacts of the climate emergency, and fossil fuels are the leading driver of global warming. In order to preserve any remaining chance of limiting global temperature rise to 1.5°C, the world—led by the U.S.,the top oil and gas producer in the world and the largest historical emitter of greenhouse gasses—must take immediate, unprecedented action to phase down fossil fuels. President Biden has unparalleled power to avert climate disaster. 


Right now, there is powerful global momentum for a rapid and just phase out of fossil fuels. In December 2022, responding to mounting pressure from grassroots movements worldwide, United Nations Secretary General Antonio Guterres announced he would hold a Climate Ambition Summit in New York in September 2023. Guterres is calling on world leaders to come to New York with commitments to stop the expansion of fossil fuels and rapidly phase out the oil, gas, and coal production that fuels the climate emergency. 


Seeing a powerful opportunity to mobilize the public, in February 2023, global movement leaders with  Climate Action Network International, the Global Campaign to Demand Climate Justice, Fossil Fuel Nonproliferation Treaty, and Global Gas & Oil Network came together to coordinate on a global wave of action to phase out fossil fuels fast, fair and forever. The collaboration committed to organizing with Indigenous and environmental justice communities, builds on many years of global grassroots pressure to ensure climate action aligns with science and justice, centers Global South and climate-impacted communities, and addresses the root causes of extraction, colonization, patriarchy, and systemic racism. A core ask for grassroots movements in the United States was to anchor a moment of grassroots pressure in New York City in September leading up to the Climate Ambition Summit. 


In response, this April and May, grassroots NYC organizations including New York Communities for Change, Climate Organizing Hub, Center for Popular Democracy, and Fridays for Future NYC teamed up with members of the People vs. Fossil Fuels coalition, the Permian Gulf Coast Coalition, the U.S. Climate Action Network, and many others to start organizing a peoples’ mobilization in New York to be the culmination point of the global distributed actions for an end to fossil fuels ahead of the Climate Ambition Summit.


After consultation with grassroots, Indigenous, national and international organizations, the mobilization launched in mid-June as the March to End Fossil Fuels, announced for the Sunday before the Climate Ambition Summit in New York City. The march will accompany over 200 actions around the world in the days leading up to the summit.


The March is organized with leadership from over 600 endorsing organizations, more than 150 self-organized grassroots hubs, and a coordination and operations team that includes the Center for Biological Diversity, Center for Popular Democracy, Climate Organizing Hub, Food & Water Watch, Fridays For Future US, Fridays for Future NYC, Earthworks, Greenfaith, Indigenous Environmental Network, New York Communities for Change, Oil Change International, and Oil & Gas Action Network. 


You can see a full list of organizations that have endorsed the march here, and a growing list of self-organized grassroots hubs here.

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