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Individual endorsements

Aasif Mandvi, Actor  

Alex Haraus, Environmental Activist and Digital Creator 

Alexi Lubormiski, Celebrity Photographer and Ambassador of Concern Worldwide 

Alexis Krauss, Singer-Songwriter, frontwoman of Sleigh Bells 

Alexandra Richards, Project Zero Ocean Activist and DJ 

Alicia Silverstone, Actor 

Alysia Reiner, Actress, Activist, Producer 

Alyssa Milano, Actor 

Andrea Crooms, Candidate for Maryland District 5 

Andreea Diacono, Climate Model 

Andrea Martin, Actor 

Anne Therese Gennari, Speaker and Author of The Climate Optimist 

Antonique Smith, Grammy Nominated singer and film, TV, and Broadway Actress 

Arielle V. King, Writer and Educator with Black Girl Environmentalist 

Ashley Zukerman, Actor 

Ayisha Siddiqa, Youth Advisor to UN Secretary General 

Bill McKibben. Founder of Third Act, Founder of, Author 

Blair Imani, Writer 

Bonnie Wright, Actor, Writer and Environmental Activist People Power United 

Busy Phillipps, Actor 

Cameron Russell, Model and Climate Activist 

Carice van Houten, Actor  

Christine Lahti, Actor 

Cornel West, Candidate for President of the United States 

Dallas Goldtooth, Writer, Actor, Organizer 

Damon Lindelof, Screenwriter and Producer 

Daniel Rossen, Singer-Songwriter with Grizzly Bear 

Daphne Frias, Climate Justice Organizer and Storyteller 

Dominique Palmer, Climate Justice Activist and named Forbes’ 2020 Top UK Environmentalists 

Edward Norton, Actor and UN Ambassador for Biodiversity 

Elise Joshi, Executive Director, Gen-Z for Change 

Fisher Stevens, Actor 

Genesis Butler, Youth Climate Activist 

Genevieve Guenther, Writer, Founding Director End Climate Silence 

Giada Lubormiski, Advocate, Educator and Founder of Ecoshaker 

Griffin Dunne, Actor and Director 

Hunter Lovins, Environmentalist and Writer 

Isais Hernandez, Environmental Educator & Media Creator 

Jameela Jamil, Actor and Advocate 

Jamie Margolin, Plaintiff in youth climate case Aji P. V. State of Washington, Zero Hour cofounder 

Jane Fonda, Actor and Activist, Founder of the Jane Fonda Climate PAC 

Jeremy Strong, Actor 

Juli Schulz, Academy of Motion Pictures Arts & Sciences, senior manager of sustainability and climate action 

Kathryn Erbe, Actor 

Katja Herbers, Actor 

Kevin Bacon, Actor 

Kurt Fuller, Actor  

Kyra Sedgwick, Actor and Producer 

La’Meshia Whittington, Grist50 Fixer, President of the Board of The Green Majority/Democracy Green 

Leigh Janiak, Director and Screenwriter 

Lizz Winstead, Comedian, The Daily Show Co-creator 

Lila Byock, Emmy-winning TV Writer and Producer 

Marinel Ubaldo, Activist who led the first youth climate strike in the Philippines. 

Marisa Tomei, Actor 

Mark Ruffalo, Actor and Activist 

Meg Haywood Sullivan. Sustainability Strategist, Artist, & Co-founder of Plastic Free Fridays 

Melina Laboucan-Massino, Indigenous Leader 

Mike Colter, Actor  

Mitzi Jonelle Tan, youth climate justice activist, convenor and international spokesperson of Youth Advocates for Climate Action Philippines (YACAP) 

Nalleli Cobo, 2022 Goldman Environmental Prize Winner, Activist, Storyteller 

Naomi Klein, award-winning author and journalist, professor 

Nicole Kelner, Artist and Writer 

Nikki Glazer, Comedian and Actress 

Piero Falci, Author, educator, and UN NGO Representative on Sustainable Development 

Rashida Tlaib, Congresswoman MI-12 

Rebecca Solnit, Award-winning writer, Climate Activist 

Rev. Yearwood, President and CEO of the Hip Hop Caucus 

Rey Parla, Artist 

R. Mukaro Agueibana Borrero, Chief of the Guainia Taino Tribe 

Robert D. Bullard, Ph.D., Professor, Author, Co-Founder HBCU Climate Change Consortium 

Rosario Dawson, Actor 

Sage Lenier, Climate Activist for a Sustainable & Just Future 

Sarah Snook, Actor 

Sierra Quitiquit, Athlete, Activist and Founder 

Sophia Li, award-winning journalist, climate advocate and public speaker 

Sophie Hawley-Weld, SOFI TUKKER, half of the duo 

Steven Donziger, Attorney and represented thousands of farmers and Indigenous people in Aguinda v. Texaco, Inc. 

Susan Sarandon, Actor 

Terry Tempest Williams, Writer, Conservationist, and Activist 

Tori Tsui, Climate Justice Organizer with #StopRosebank and Unite For Climate Action 

V (formerly known as Eve Ensler), Writer, founder V-Day, One Billion Rising 

Vanessa Nakate, UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador, Climate Justice Activist, Author of A Bigger Picture 

Wendy Zukerman, Science Journalist and Podcaster 

Xiye Bastida, Co-Founder of Re-Earth Initiative and “Spirit of the UN” awardee in 2018 

Yuh-Line Niou, Former New York State Assemblymember 

Zahra Biabani, Climate Activist, Author of “Climate Optimism” & Founder of In the Loop 

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